Elisabeth Cerphal

Daughter of an uppermiddle class family which was prominent in publishing during the twenties. Millionaire heiress and owner of the Fuchsbau-Villa. She discovers talents and is the patroness of young artists.

Elisabeth Cerphal is unmaried and lives in a dream world of Bohemianism in an era long past.

Hannelore Hoger

Born in Hamburg.

Studies acting at the Hochschule für Musik in Hamburg. Theatre appearences in Ulm, Bremen and at the Württembergisches Staatstheater in Stuttgart. Works with Peter Zadek from 1972-1979 at the Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, as well as at the Burgtheather, Vienna. 1980 at Lee Strasberg's Actor's Studio in Los Angeles. A freelance actress, she lives in Hamburg. Film roles include: "Die Artisten in der Zirkuskuppel, ratlos", "Eiszeit", "Die Patriotin", "Die Macht der Gefühle", "Deutschland im Herbst", "Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum", "1000 Augen", "Der Sommer der Samurai", as well as various big television roles. Theater productions staged by her: "Stallerhof" (Kroetz), "Warten auf Godot" (Beckett), "Maria Magdalena" (Hebbel).

Films: "Nur Arbeit und kein Spiel macht dumm" (a short film), a portrait sketch from the old country.

Member of the Deutsche Akademie der Darstellenden Künste, Frankfort.

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