Evelyn Cerphal

Her father owned a music shop in Neuburg/Donau where she was singing child prodigy. Trying to locate her mother, who vanished during the war she is drawn into the circle of friends who congregate at the Fuchssbau-Villa.

The love of her life is the drug-addicted medical student Ansgar.


Gisela Müller

Born August 21, 1963 in Heidenheim/Brenz. Clergyman's daughter. Schooling in Coburg. Studied voice at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin, the Roben-Schumann-Institut in Düsseldorf and at the Hochschule für Musik in Freiburg, where she graduated as an opera singing major. "DIE ZWEITE HEIMAT" provided her first contact with the film medium.

Plans: permanent engagement with a theater. Specialty: "Italian mezzo soprano".

Bart Ceulemans made the effort to pinpoint the scenes where Evelyne sings. He refers to the scenes with the chapter/paragraph-numbers from the screenplay-textedition. It is mentioned, when the music is included in the cd-version of the original soundtrack.

scene 338 - Villa Cerphal, Terrassenzimmer (scene 338 is the 38th scene in film 3)
Evelyne sings "Wortkatze"
Original Soundtrack 1 - # 17 - music Mamangakis, text Reitz
Gisela Mueller, vocal - Henry Arnold, piano

scene 339 - Villa Cerphal, Garten
Evelyne sings "Regenlied"
Original Soundtrack 1 - # 19 - music Mamangakis, text Reitz
Gisela Mueller, vocal - Elena Papandreou, guitar

scene 418 - Musikhochschule, Uebungsraum
Evelyne excercizes several studies to build her voice and finally starts singing an aria from Richard Wagner's opera "Rheingold" - "Weiche, Wotan, weiche!"
Not included in the original soundtrack.

scene 440 - Villa Cerphal, Bibliothek
Evelyne sings a song composed by Johannes Brahms to calm Ansgar down.
"Spricht das Maegdelein, ..."
Not included in the original soundtrack

scene 714 - Konzertsaal
Evelyne sings in a concert a song in memory of her 'immortal beloved': "Lied fuer Ansgar"
Original Soundtrack 2 - # 16 - music Mamangakis, text Reitz
Gisela Mueller, vocal - Stefan Schmidt and Martin Herz, violin - Bernhard Lindner, viola - Tobias Rohde, cello - Henry Arnold, guitar

scene 733 - Kirche in Muenchen
Evelyne sings Bach
Original Soundtrack 2 - # 17 - music Johann Sebastian Bach, "Weihnachtsoratorium", Arie nr. 4, "Bereite dich, Zion"
Gisela Mueller, vocal - Berhard Roeser, organ

Screenplay - text-edition:
Reitz, Edgar - Die Zweite Heimat, Chronik einer Jugend in 13 Buechern, Drehbuch
1993, Goldmann Verlag, Muenchen
ISBN 3-442-30466-0

Original Soundtrack:
Die Zweite Heimat, Chronik einer Jugend von Edgar Reitz
Musik Nikos Mamangakis u.a.
Verlag: Bella Musica Edition
Recorded 1988 - 1991 by Edgar Reitz Filmproduktion
Original Soundtrack 1: Bella Musica, BM-CD 31.6012
Original Soundtrack 2: Bella Musica, BM-CD 31.6013
Original Soundtrack 3: Bella Musica, BM-CD 31.6014

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