Gerold Gattinger

The man "who takes care of the finances".

Friend of the Cerphal family, which stands by him after the Third Reich. Father of the half Jewish Esther Goldbaum. He is a former SS Officer who has forgotten everything.

Manfred Andrae

After graduating from the university, practical experience in theater, dramaturgic seminar in Munich (works together with Faßbinder, Schygulla, etc.)

Ceases with acting altogether for a time in order to produce scientific documentaries for several television stations, including foreign ones.

Returns to the theater in 1983; since then he stages productions annually with friends (Kaminsky, Eva Mattes and others) in West Germany,
Austria and Switzerland.

Various roles in film and television.

Since 1987, appears for the most part on stage in France (with, among others, Fanny Ardant as a partner), lives either in Paris or Munich.

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