Konsul Handschuh

A fat friendly businessman of the old-fashioned variety. His motto: "Smile". He bought his consular title and considers it an investment - just like his confidence in Hermann's genius. Konsul Handschuh is the president of "ISARFILM" in Munich.

Alexander May

Born July 8, 1927; comes from a theater family. Schooling in Krefeld, also worked as an exta and substitute dancer at the Stadttheater. Drama school: Düsseldorfer Schauspielschule (1946 - 48). Story Editor for independent television productions (1960-72), directed documentary films in Poland and Yugoslavia. Manager and Director of the Staatsschauspiel in Hannover (1978-88).

Plans: Film script about Stanislaw Jerzylec, a writer of Polish aphorisms. Title: "Zuweilen wedeln Hunde mit den Ketten".

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