Hermann Simon

He is the main character. In "HEIMAT" he was known as Hermännchen': the boy from the Hunsrück area who left his village to study music in Munich. He becomes a composer. The film follows his development trom a mawkish provincial lad to a big city experimental artist and tells the story of an individual who is afraid of love and yet becomes an erotic hero. His aim is to find a "ZWEITE HEIMAT" a "second home": a world of freedom, friendship and affinity.

Henry Arnold

Born May 10,1961 in Hamburg. Schooling 1967-1980 in Hamburg and Munich. Drama School: Neue Münchener Schauspielschule. At the same time, he studied German Literature and History. Later, he conducted at the Hochschule der Kunste in Berlin.

Engagements at Münchner Volkstheater, Junges Theater in Göttingen, Freie Volksbühne in Berlin. Own Production: "Alles in Ordnung", Berlin,1990.

Plans: After nearly three hundred shooting days on "ZWEITE HEIMAT" I'm eager to go on working: writing poetry, making films and music or just ruminating - whatever comes may way".

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