Juan Ramon Fernandez Subercaseaux

Young universal genius from Chile who arrived in Germany under mysterious circumstances. He plays the drums, flute, piano is a juggler and magician and speaks eleven languages fluently. Juan enchants his friends with his tricks and his gentle nature. His tragic fate: he can do everything but cannot find a job: he loves everyone but cannot find a friend.

(the following taken from a Curriculum Vitae by Daniel Smith himself)

James Smith + María-Inés Rodriquez Oscar Valenzuela + Marta Silva
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James Smith + Eliana Valenzuela

Daniel Smith

James Smith \/
James Smith (Son of William Smith born in Northumberland) -><- Daniel Smith

1.- General: Born in Santiago de Chile on the 23 of July 1996. Son of James Smith and Eliana Valenzuela. Both artists. Third generation of English emigrants. (Newcastle). Finished his secondary school in 1970 and studied Architecture at the University of Chile before starting his studies in music. From 1978 on living and working in Amsterdam. 1989 father of Marcus Reitz.

2. - Music: Studied percussion and recorder at the Conservatory in Santiago de Chile. At the age of 18 becomes a member of the Symphonic and Philharmonic orchestra of Santiago. Worked there for 6 years. Played many concerts as soloist. At the age of 23 travelled to Holland in order to study early music at the conservatory in De Hague. Worked as a teacher and musician at the Theater school of Amsterdam.
Composer for films and choreografies.

3.- Martial Arts: Practised Judo for 14 years, reached a black belt 1. Dan degree.
Practised Karate, got de grade of 1. Kiu (Brown belt). Practised Wu-shu and t'ai chi. At the present time T'ai chi teacher in Amsterdam and Leiden.

4.- Acrobatics: Studied acrobatics with the famous circus teacher The Como Brothers. After more than ten years of practice is now teaching in Amsterdam and in Cologne. Gives performances in Circus and international acrobatic events.

5.- Dancer: Worked more than three years with the "Kinora dance company" of Amsterdam. Performances around Holland and Germany.

6.- Film Actor: Played a leading role in Edgar Reitz's epos "Die Zweite Heimat". Played leading roles in others films.

7.- Languages: Spanish, English, French, Dutch, German, Chinese, Creolo (Guinée- Bissau), Portuguese, Norwegian ..

8.- Hobbies: Juggling, Close-up magic, Japanese carpentry, Origami, Table-tennis, Darts, Chess, etc...

That is the first time I put all these things on paper in order to demonstrate that l am a special person, but my personal idea is that everybody is special and if somebody wants to work with a specific person nobody can replace him.

PS. Character: (Written by Susanne) Versatile, Adaptable, Explosive, Unpredictable and Eager to learn.

Cariñosos saludos y esperanda de que todo vaya bien, se despide de Uds.

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