A relic from the old, extinct Munich: an original Bavarian, a crotchety, one-of-a-kind coal dealer, whose profession dies out.

He rents out a room to Hermann for the first few years.

Fred Stillkrauth

Born in 1939 in Munich.

Works in theater since 1961. Most important appearances: Kammerspiele (Munich), Schauspielhaus (Zurich), Städtische Bühne (Frankfort); as of 1986, member of the company at the Staatsschauspiel, Residenztheater (Munich).

Television roles in (among others): "Der Unfried", "FIorian III", "Die Fahrt in die Stadt".

Film roles with Volker Vogeler, George Moorse, Tom Toelle, Sam Peckinpah, Jo Baier.

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