Mutter Lichtblau

Clarissa's mother comes from Pomerania: as a Protestant refugee, she is out of place in Bavarian county seat. She is pious, good-natured and ambitious when it comes to her cello-playing daughter: "Live lends you a hand only once".

Edith Behleit

Born in 1931 in Bad Schwartau; grew up on the farm of her parents in Mecklenburg.

After the chaos of the war, she starts to learn to become a teacher for domestic science in Kiel, performs with various amateur theater groups. Marries the opera singer Werner Behleit and stueds acting with Siegfried Süßenguth, as well as taking voice lessons at the Heidi Höpfner Studio in Hamburg. Theater appearences in Tübingen, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Cologne, Munich and Avignon, as well as on numerous theater tours.

Roles in various television productions: "Derrick", "Der Alte", "Löwengrube", "Polizeinspektion", to name a few.

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