Frau Ries

Housekeeper in upper middle class household of the Cerphal family. Faithful service and discretion concerning an entire lifetime. She alone knows all of the stories from before and after the war...

Franziska Stömmer

Born in Lower Bavaria in 1922; the daughter of a cabinet maker. Grew up in Munich, went to school there.

Studies acting with Hanne Mertens (Kammerspiele), after that appearences at the Stadttheater in Reichenberg, Münchener Festspiele, Bremer Schauspielhaus and Münchener Kammerspiele. After a 12-year break to raise her children, she takes up her profession again and plays small roles in theater and on television and radio.

As of 1987, plays the role of "Oma Soleder" in "Die Löwengrube" (directed by Rainer Wolffhardt).

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