Edgar Reitz

  • A word by Reitz about Die Zweite Heimat
  • Edgar Reitz according to the Internet Movie Database
  • Articles written about Reitz
  • Books written by Reitz with an excerpt from 'Drehort Heimat' translated by Andrew Blom
  • The original text of the Oberhausen Manifesto signed in 1962 by the likes of Reitz, Alexander Kluge, and Bernard Dorries.
  • Edgar Reitz Filmproduktions GmbH
  • The European Institute of Cinema of which Reitz is a director. The institute is developing a model for cinema in the future
  • An interview with Edgar Reitz appeared in the German weekly die Zeit, number 12, 14-3-97, page 65, an unauthorised copy in German.
  • An article in the Stadtzeitung in Karlsruhe vom 22.11.96, Teil 4: "symposium: Edgar Reitz zum Europäischen Filminstitut in Karlsruhe." in German, about the future of (European) film.

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