There is a Heimat Resource Fanpage with the out of print Heimat-book and other such hard to find material.

Hermann drives away in Anton's Mercedes 300. Stuart Lamb dedicates a part of his website to this (MB300 on Film and TV), he wrote me: "This car was widely known as simply "The Adenauer" after its most famous and influential owner/user. It is a metaphor for post-war economic recovery, and I think Reitz is using it in this context too as a 'symbol of the age'." More on the connection between Adenauer and the Mercedes Benz 300, see See Stuart's restoration of one at Even more about this car can be found at

Auf Deutsch

Thomas Hönemann's website with Shabbach pictures, pictures of the Heimat 3 premiere in Munich, German bibliography, German press clippings, the unique 'Drehbuch' of Heimat as reconstructed by Thomas, broadcast schedules and much more.

On Thomas' website you can also find a collection of pictures of Heimat-trilogy locations in die Hunsrück made by Alexander Kuch, under a Creative Commons license (which means you can use them under certain conditions).

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