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Reception in the Netherlands, by ReindeR Rustema.

Just a random selection of newspaper clippings I found so far, chronologically, first about Heimat then Die zweite Heimat. All the critics that wrote about it like the film. One of them told me that you can't force people to go see it, that's why DZH doesn't get that much editorial space recently when there is a chance. Everything has already been written about it by now.

€NRC Handelsblad, Cultureel Supplement 29/11/85, Hans Beerekamp: Een dorp in Duitsland - kanttekeningen bij het succes van de filmkroniek Heimat. "It doesn't sound appealing, 15 hours, 40 minutes and 10 seconds of film but it's one of the most exciting films of the eighties." After being shown on German and Belgium television it's shown in film art-houses across the country, either in a marathon or spread over several evenings. "Heimat is not a television-series but a film" and "what a shame of all that effort to do it on 35mm". Some biographical elements, the grandfather of Reitz has also been a watch maker in Morbach (Hunsrück). "There's an almost physical attraction coming from this film which can hardly be put in words. The Heimat pleasure can be shared with other addicts who get a twinkle in their eyes when you mention the subject".
€de Volkskrant, 5/12/85, Peter van Bueren: De Duitse wortels blootgelegd in filmgeschiedenis Heimat. Review for the cinema release of Die Heimat. Premiere in Desmet, Amsterdam.
€de Volkskrant, 5/9/87, Gerdin Linthorst: Unieke kroniek van kleine Duitse luyden. About the broadcast of Die Heimat.
€de Volksrant, vrijdag 12/10/90, Gerdin Linthorst: In donkere hoeken, daar werkt de fantasie. About television versus film, interesting.
€de Volkskrant, vrijdag 12/10/90, Harry Hosman: "Heimat" laat tv dictaat links liggen. About the mise-en-scene of Die Heimat with examples in an art-supplement about TV vs. Film.
€de Volkskrant, 15/1/93, Film Extra: De geloofwaardige personages in de Heimat. TV-guide section about WDR3 and BBC broadcast of Die Heimat.
€de Volkskrant, vrijdag 22/1/93, Peter van Bueren: Hoe Schabbachs kinderen Duitsland erfden - Heimat 2, Edgar Reitz herinnert zich de jaren '60. In relation to the premiere on the Rotterdam Filmfestival in the theatres Luxor and Venster.
€NRC Handelsblad, Cultureel Supplement, 22/1/93, Joyce Roodnat: Leven doen ze per moment - Die zweite Heimat, kroniek van de jaren zestig en zeventig in München. In a special Filmfestival Rotterdam section.
€Elsevier, 30/1/93, Kennis &;kunst, p. 71-72, Rob van Scheers, In relation to the Filmfestival Rotterdam screening, the journalist attended the avant-première in Paris in the Théâtre National de Chailliot with Reitz present. Nothing we don't already know, a bit impressionistic what Reitz was like.
€HP/De Tijd, 20/8/93, p. 71-72, Henk van Gelder: Zondagsdrama. About the marathon broadcast of Die Zweite Heimat. Definitely not a good idea he thinks: "Who got this idea in heaven's name? .(...) Roelof Kiers, VPRO-televisie. And why? Because he thought it would be fun."
With an interesting anecdote about the Dutch movie critics at the filmfestival in Venice who always met on the same terrass after seeing another episode to discuss it. "Besides the filmic-poetic qualities, the choreography of the big scenes and the rich layeredness of the story, but also (filmcritics are just like ordinary people) the question what would happen to Hermann, why Evelyn hasn't showed up for a while and wether things would ever get well for Volker. "What do you think, Peter?" "I don't know, Joyce"." The article continues with broadcasting politics, why the multitude of public broadcasters in the Netherlands couldn't cooperate, the outcome was a marathon or nothing at all. Too bad.
€de Volkskrant, 4/9/93, Frank van Zijl: Die zweite Heimat bij de VPRO - televisie-marathon voor video. About the marathon broadcast of Die Zweite Heimat and ratings etc. It quotes Variety saying that Die Zweite Heimat is a big flop on TV.
€NRC Handelsblad, 25/9/96 p.9, Hans Beerekamp, episode 43 of a series of articles about 100 years of cinema, some recollections about Die Heimat "from all the images in Heimat which stuck to me in most detail, the one of the road that connects the (fictitious) town Shabbach with the rest of the world, is the strongest". And about Die zweite Heimat "Logistically Reitz repeated this compositional long-arm balance of a monstrousdrama, but the magical effect, caused by the universal recognisability of fast urbanisation in this century, was far less big."
€Uitkrant, 10/96, Annemieke Hendriks, p. 27, with really a lot of emphasis on all the sixties elements in Die zweite Heimat. For her it's a film about the sixties. Also very positive off course.

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