How to buy die (Zweite) Heimat on DVD?

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How to rent die (Zweite) Heimat on DVD?

How to buy die (Zweite) Heimat on VHS?


Some people are looking for old VHS recordings of die (zweite) Heimat because there is no DVD release in their language. For example Portugese. If you have recorded it at the time, please let me know. We could for example scan the subtitles and offer the subtitles as a download from this website. With special software it can then be connected when playing the English or German DVD release.


Raymond wrote: "The music of both Die Heimat and Die Zweite Heimat has been released on CD. You can get the CD-box through Bella Musica: "Die Zweite Heimat - original soundtrack auf 4 CD" Bella Musica BM 003018. With the CD's BM-CD 31.6011 till 31.6014. It will cost 99.2DM plus shipping. Contact Bella Musica Tontrager GmbH, Rheinstrasse 26, D - 77815 Buhl, Baden.

The German Amazon site lists this item (3 disks) as unavailable and the 4 CD box is also unavailable (you can listen to fragments though) but the single Heimat CD is available."

Second hand

If you want to sell or buy (zweite) Heimat related things, you can ask me to announce it here. It will then be found by the search engines.

For sale: Helen in Australia is selling her 4 CD-box mentioned above. Ask her for price or conditions or find her offer on eBay from November 1 to 8 in 2004.

For sale: my PAL-VHS recordings from the BBC with Die Heimat and Die Zweite Heimat. A shopping bag full of about 20 tapes. Included is the Carole Angier documentary 'Return to Heimat'. 30 euro excluding shipping. contact ReindeR Rustema

For sale: a friend's pile of PAL-VHS recordings from Dutch broadcaster VPRO with Die Zweite Heimat (with Dutch subtitles). Included is the three hour VPRO-interview with Reitz 'TV en de Muzen'. See picture. 30 euro shipping excluded. About 6 or 7 kilos, thus 10 euro extra to send it in the Netherlands or 30 abroad. Or pick it up in Amsterdam without shipping costs. Rent it for just 10 euro.

Shopping experiences

Sudan wrote: "the DZH CD's can be bought from a German mail-order company named: JPC
They have all 3 Volumes of the OST as well as the complete series on 7 VHS. I know, I have them all.
The CD's cost 18,99 EUR each, the Video set costs 149 EUR (quite expensive, but worth it) You can order online and should recieve the package within 2-3 Weeks within Europe, 4-6 Weeks outside of Europe. The Website is in German, English, French and in Nederlands" On 1 July 2004 the price for the 7 Zweite Heimat VHS was 99 euro

In the United States this set is distributed by Sound Solutions, 39 Veronica Ave, PO Box 6150, Sommerset NJ 08875-6150. Or you can order on-line from the at Tarantula Records in the US. The CDs are item number 3008654 and sell for 109DM. From HMV (the only major British store that can order them): 47
Read the review by Alan Andres. The CDs don't contain some of the best music; particularly the music for cello and piano from episode 10 when Reinhardt goes to Venice.

There is another single CD of Die Zweite Heimat on Milan records (#887881 with 73 minutes of music) which was newly recorded after the film was broadcast in Germany. Unfortunately the performances aren't as compelling as the Bella Musica, and Mamangakis appears to have used a synthesizer in some of the new orchestrations. For the Heimat completist however.

The questionnaire

Since 1997 the questionnaire below was on this website to enable you to show your interest in a DVD-release. I collected more than 1000 responses. Now there is an English and a German DVD-release, many of you are being served. I keep this questionnaire up for those who want to indicate their wishes for a local DVD-release (Dutch, Finnish, Spanish or whatever) or want to show possible discontent with the features on the current releases. If you send in the survey, you are automatically subscribed to the DVD-newsletter. with news on the DVD-release. So far I have send out these four newsletters, two a year. If you want to unsubscribe, see the Mailman pages for heimat-dvd

When you want to send in the questionnaire, just copy-paste it into a mail message and To make things easy for you, you only have to put a cross between the brackets like this [x ] If you want to mess up the form that's fine with me, as long as it's understandable.

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