the 2003/2004 viewing schedule

On the discussionlist Ivan launched the idea to watch Die Heimat and Die Zweite Heimat together.

Every fortnight Ivan will introduce a new episode on Friday with an e-mail pointing to interesting things (Ivan welcomes suggestions e-mailed to him in advance) and to open the discussion. Friday evening we watch the episode, over the weekend we e-mail our reflections on and experiences with the episode to the mailinglist. The ensuing two weeks there is enough time to exchange views and ideas and share memorable scenes before a new episode starts.

You can help to make this known by spreading the press release to filmjournalists of newspapers and filmmagazines.

This is the schedule:

If you use the iCal software you can synchronise your electronic agenda with this schedule.

Although it is technically no problem to share the episodes with broadband internet, it is legally impossible. Therefore you have to find copies yourself, for example by asking on the mailinglist for local libraries, Goethe institutes and other fans who know were to borrow a television recording.

Read all about the upcoming DVD-releases in the DVD-newsletters.

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